Workshop videos and PDFs of handouts

Every month during the school year, I offer free workshops on homeschooling high school. The topics cover all sorts of information relevant to homeschooling the high school years. At the request of the workshop participants, I started videoing the workshops in November 2016. 


College applications and making my student stand out

How does my student fill out the applications? What questions do they ask? What about the essay? How do I do the school profile and other parts of the application as a homeschooler? What about the Common App, Apply Texas, the Coalition, and school-specific applications? How do I make my student an individual to an admissions officer? How do I make them stand out? 

What is “demonstrated interest”? Why is it important? Who calls the schools with a question, my child or me? When am I the parent and when am I the counselor?

College applications and making my student stand out PDF

March 2017


Transcripts and course descriptions

How do I make a transcript? What does it need to include? What should it look like?
Do I need to include descriptions of all my kid's courses?

How to create a transcript and course descriptions PDF

February 2017


Standardized tests (SAT, ACT, PSAT, APs, SAT IIs, and CLEPs)

What are they? Which ones should my student do?
When? How? How much do they matter?

Can my kid still get into college without taking standardized tests?

Testing for the homeschooled high schooler PDF

January 2017


Record keeping and high school academics in preparation for college

Do I need to keep track of hours? What do I need to keep copies of? What information do I need to record?
What needs to be done? When? 
How do I determine when my child is actually doing high school level work, beyond just using their biological age? 
How do I discriminate between labeling something an elective versus an extracurricular activity (e.g. music, sports, science team, etc.)?

Planning and records handout PDF

December 2016

Adulting for the Homeschooled High Schooler

What does my student need to do in high school to prepare for college applications? This workshop covers the practical stuff, the information I wish someone had given me when my kids started high school.

Adulting handout PDF

November 2016

Financial aid

How in the world are we going to afford college? How does my kid get scholarships? How about need-based aid?

We’ll cover merit aid, need-based aid, and net-price calculators.

Coming April 2017


ACC dual enrollment/dual credit

What are the advantages? Is it worth it?

How do I get my student signed up?

Is my kid ready?

Coming May 2017